Sunday, January 3, 2010

New Year, New Resolution

So ill start by introducing myself. My name is Mikki, i am a 27 year old single girl living alone in the Kansas City Metro area. I decided to start a blog as part of my new years resolution in order to routinely put thoughts down somewhere rather than keeping them bottled up.
Its taken me a few days to start this blog, mostly as i wasnt sure what website i wanted to use to host said blog. But here i am at Blogger, for no reason in particular other than the convenience of it being with Google as so much of my life seems to revolve around Google.

This entire blog will be very random and possibly make no sense, but ive always wished that i had kept a journal as a young girl and i feel what better time to start than now. I will also shamelessly admit that part of my desire to have a decent blog came from watching Julia & Julie, while the movie wasnt that fantastic the thought of having a blog interested me.

Other than starting a blog, i did come up with a few non-traditional resolutions for 2010.
-I want to be more thoughtful and remember my loved ones birthdays. In order to do this i created a calendar on google with my friends' and families' birthdays. My plan is to at least send a birthday card to tell them i am thinking of them. I have a few girlfriends who always seem to remember birthdays and always send cards for christmas. I want to be that kind of person, so it starts this year. Ive already bought a birthday card for my oldest niece, she turns 6 next week.
-become more organized with my school work. At this point in my life i work full time and also attend undergrad classes taking both online classes and classes at campus. With my work schedule being so sparatic, it often makes it hard for me to remember what class work must be done at which times. So far, i have downloaded an App for my android phone that i can manage tasks which need to be done and i am going to utilize the calendar on my phone more often.

while i would like to make the traditional "lose weight" resolution, i have a very hard time knowing that i will fail at this goal if done alone. So my final resolution is to find someone to work out with on a regular basis.

Not bad goals for 2010 in my opinion.

Tomorrow is Monday and i already have a case of the Monday's...

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