Friday, April 19, 2013

Oh the waiting

It has been almost a month since i found the house im buying, and im going crazy with anticipation.

its all i can think about!!!!!!

18 more days

Yes, i have started the count down.

I feel a tad silly, im a grown woman after all. Its just a house. Yet, a majority of the days, i do not feel like a grown woman. I still feel like the 22-24 year told girl just starting out her life and having no idea which direction she was going to head.

When i leased my first apartment, i thought this would make me feel more like an adult.
When i bought my first car.
When i bought an SUV.

None of these have really changed my feelings about being an adult.

I know im an adult, i have the debt, and the decisions, to prove it.
Maybe my lack of feeling like an adult really has more to do with the fact that im 31 and no bf on the horizon which means no family on the horizon. Who knows.

In the mean time, i am trying to use this waiting period to pre-play; as we all know how much of a planner i am.
I am constantly searching the internet for a million ideas on how to make this house my home. I want it to be put together and look .. well put together. As opposed to looking like an apartment with all my stuff jammed into.

I have decided on how to do my bedroom.
Black and white with red accents (which is my standard colors but i love them).
I will do one red wall with a wall decal above the headboard.
I need to get a bedframe with a headboard, which i do not currently own.
I want a platform upholstered bed, in white i think; so it will have to be leather.

I really want to paint all the interior doors black, but i am hesitant bc of the dark hardwood floors.

I have also picked out the color i will paint my front door and the shutters i will buy for the upstairs window. Granted that project is months away, but i have them picked out.

Now i am working through the bathrooms in my head.
Someone said i should stick to a basic color theme throughout the house.
If thats the case, then Purple and Red are my accent colors and everything else will be black and white. As those are really the only colors i can settle on.

I have also started a "project list," just things that i would like to eventually do.

Google Keep has become a fantastic little post it app.
I can make the list on my computer and it shows up on my phone.... not too shabby.

18 more days, 11 until i start setting up utilities and such.
I can do this.
Its just a small step in my life.