Saturday, March 23, 2013

I fell in love with a house

After two months of searching i have finally found a house.
This has been the most nerve wracking experience, solely based on the fat i am doing it alone.
With no family around, no boyfriend or husband, i have no one to answer questions for me.
I have relied on friends, who i am so grateful to have in my life.

I decided to open up my search area, to broaden the number of houses i would like.
This took me out to Independence, but i was willing to give anything a shot.
There were 5 houses we were looking at that day, but i had already fallen in love with one online and we saved that one for last.
I was nervous, what if it didnt look like the photos. I knew i would be crushed, but i tried to prepare myself for that fate.
Luckily it looked just like the pictures, and my heart melted.

My manager offered to go with me for a second look, just as another set of eyes. I was most grateful for his help as i did not have anyone to look out for me like that.

I decided to just jump in and make an offer.
I had no idea what my offer should be, i dont have knowledge of the value of homes.
My realtor gave me all the usual information, but this still told me nothing.
She said just go with my gut, and i did.
5.5k less their their asking price plus closing costs of 4.5k, they had also offered a 1k card to a furniture store, so i asked for that.
The anticipation was crazy, just waiting.
I expected them to come back with a counter that added the closing costs into the loan price.
Boy was i disappointed.
The sellers made the comment that they needed to net a certain amount in order to sell, so there was no room for adjustments.
They came back asking for full price and only allowing me 4 grand for use how i would like (either 4k in closing costs or 3k in closing and 1k card).
This had me freaking out for a few hours, do i walk away and give up this awesome house or counter back.
I decided to sleep on it.

Turns out, that was the best idea.
I took a lead from the sellers and put my cards on the table.
I made another counter offer that was for their full asking price, but that i needed the full closing costs because i did not have the cash to cover the difference and that i wanted the furniture card because i did not have any furniture.
My realtor had a conversation with theirs about the "whys" and that i was open to other idea.
The seller came back and offered a good chunk of furniture included in the sale of the home.
The original offer included stove, dishwasher, upstairs and downstairs refrigerator, washer, dryer, pool table, kitchen table, dining hutch, couch and love seat.
This was completely satisfactory for me.

So now, the process starts to officially purchase a home.
Im so excited i cant think straight and i wish it was just done already.
The waiting is going to drive me nuts.