Sunday, January 17, 2010

Hobbies Part 3

So, another activity that i like to do in my spare time is read. I dont know if its technically classified as a hobby but whatever; this is my blog and ill do what i want!

What kind of books do i like? Honestly, anything that gets me out of reality. I have a very bad habit of getting so entranced into a book that i literally dont see the world go by. Lately, due to school, i leave my book that im reading at work so that i only read it during lunch and will actually get my school work done. I am one of the terrible "judge a book by the cover" type of people; i walk around the walmart/target book isle and find a book cover that looks appealing. Thats how i found my latest series. Sometimes ill ask the sales person at borders for some direction but typically thats how i find them.

Mostly, my favorite type of books are the scifi/fantasy. Of course the stereotypical Harry Potter series, and Twilight series have been good reads.  currently i am reading the Mortal Instruments series by Cassandra Clare. Another favorite is Dresden files by Jim Butcher. Its about a 30 something wizard living in Chicago. Hes a smart ass who cant stand authority. Its a great read.

The books that first got me started into the science fiction/fantasy world of literature was the Xanth series by Piers Anthony. While they were a series, they did not have to be read in order, though i felt it helped a little bit. Piers Anthony was the first sarcastic, smart ass writer i ever encountered. If you ever get a chance to read even just one of these books i do suggest The Color Of Her Panties. I know it sounds dirty but its really not.
The most hilarious thing about this series is it takes place in Xanth which is shaped like Florida.

Im constantly looking for new series' to read so feel free to offer up suggestions. Just none of the boring political shit :)

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AdviceMaven said...

I love to read as well, even it means staying up way to late and being sleep deprived the next morning. I had no idea that there were books about an adult wizard. My kids are huge Harry Potter fans, which I love, but when I'm done reading with them I like to move on to reading something just for me. I'll definitely check out Dresden Files.