Tuesday, January 5, 2010

My Adventure creating my first blog

As i stated in my first blog post, i decided to start this blog as part of my new years resolution. I will have to admit, the creation process was not as simple as i thought it would be. 

First, you have to decide where to start your blog. There are tons of websites!!!! So of course i googled "most popular blogging websites" and i got a few lists which included LiveJournal and our beloved Blogger. I chose Blogger bc i didnt have to fill out a new user application (thank you gmail!). 

Second, creating a blog name. Sounds soooo much easier than it was. I spent 3 hours going through every url name i could think of that might relate to me or my hobbies. The problem was i originally wanted this blog to be slightly anonymous as i used to google myself and i was the first 10 entries on there. Since then i have been demoted and im ok with that.
But alas, none of the cute, anonymous url names were available so i settled for something that encompassed more of my name. I chose USofMikki mostly as a random choice, i just happened to be catching up on one of my semi-favorite shows The US of Tara. Its a cute and funny show based out of my current town so i get a kick out of it.

As for actually writing a blog, that part is easy so far. I have so many ideas running around in my head about things i am interested in and things i wish to be interested in. From artys crafty stuff to sports and even adventures in the snow. Now finding the time to put everything down on the computer will be more tricky. My plan is to write at least one a day so im trying to remember to do that, even as it makes me late for work as i type this morning.

Many of the webpages i looked up about creating a blog said that the key to getting readers is to follow other blogs, so i have been trying to do that also. I do wish searching for blogs on Blogger was easier, but maybe i am doing it wrong. This whole "next blog" button is too random. I want to find people who blog in my area, single people who are interested in things im interested in. Perhaps have the ability to meet them and make new friends. 
Perhaps weird, but im ok with that thought right now. None the less i have followed about 8 or 9 blogs so far but i noticed this morning that some of those bloggers arent really updating so i might have to weed them out.

Time for work, one must not be late to sell those phones. The world will go crazy if their cell phone doesnt work properly....but thats a whole new blog.

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The Singlutionary said...

Yay for your new blog and welcome to the blog-o-sphere! Thank you for visiting Singlutionary too!