Sunday, May 15, 2011

First day of the rest of my life

Tomorrow is the first day of my new life.
I graduated college last week, and have been lucky to have a job to go into using my degree.
Im nervous, i feel like im going to my first day of school!
I dont know what to wear, im about to go hit up a few stores to see if i can find something that just makes me feel pretty.
Im excited for so many reasons, besides the fact that ill be working again. Its a new start, i can meet new people and perhaps find better friends than what ive been dealing with lately.
Interacting with more people gives a greater chance for me to meet a new guy, and i need to find a man in my life.
I dont even have good shoes to wear!!!

Sunday, May 8, 2011


This weekend was my graduation from college with a B.S. in Management/Human Resources.
I started in June 2006 with a little nudge from a manager I had. Now here I am 5 years later and im finally done.

Im thrilled! At first, I was feeling like the ceremony wasnt a big deal. But closer to the actually day of the graduation, i started to get nervous and anxious.

My mother lives up here, along with one of my sisters and her 4 kids.
My cousin and baby sister live in Springfield. They have two kids each. All the family was there, although late to the start of the graduation ceremony, but there none the less.

Regardless of the hassles that came with this weekend, and having 14 of my family members in my apartment...

I graduated, 11 years after my high school graduation, but i still have that piece of paper.