Thursday, April 21, 2011

My week, in short

Being unemployed does not lead for an interesting life.
Quite boring if you ask me.
But the relaxation time before starting the new job is probably worth it.

Wednesday, Kohls had a 50% off sale on dresses, and while i did not need to spend any more money, i did need a dress for my college graduation next month.
I did manage to get a very nice Croft & Barrow black and white scroll dress, for only $22. I also grabbed a couple suit type jackets which I will need at the new corporate job.

Today, I drove 40 miles to another city to get a refund for my GAP insurance from my old vehicle. (Oh, i bought a new car. 2005 honda accord ex coupe) I thought i would get the check right then but apparently its a 6-8 wek mailer.
I also had dinner with my mom, sister and the 4 kids. That was an interesting adventure.

This weekend im going to go to Springfield to see some family and friends for a few days.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

What do you do

When the man of your dreams says the most romantic thing you have ever heard, yet he only sees you as a friend and only meant it as something he would say to his best friend.

Today, my best friend/man of my dreams sent me a text.
"Youre important to me like peanut butter is to jelly. Sure, you can have just one of the two on a sandwich but they are so much better when the other is present. We would do "ok" without each other, but even if we decided to just talk every once in a while, the distance between you and i would never get so far that we just stopped talking. It would stop at a certain point where we both wouldnt let it get that bad."

How does this man not have romantic feelings towards me.

I told him I appreciate the sentiment but that he should keep speeches like that for his gf. He didnt understand so i tried to explain it the best i could.
"while your mother told you to find a wife with hips, mine was telling me that i shouldnt pick someone because i feel that i need them in my life as i do not NEED anyone. but to pick someone because with them you are a better person than you already were, because they compliment you"
The peanut butter to my jelly.

God has a sense of humor. To give me someone whom i cant have.