Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Hobbies Part 1

So, in the spirit of sharing more of myself with you i thought what better place to start than my current hobbies. I have at least two hobbies if not more but i am only going to share one with you today as i am supposed to be reading 3 chapters for my Intro to Human Resource Management class right now.... yes i am a procrastinator dont judge me!!!!

The first one that i have just recently taken back up is Crocheting. Now, im not all that fantastic at it, but i have made a few things as of late that i am quite proud of.
I started my reentry into crocheting by making a scarf, i figured it would be easy to get back into the swing and routine of the stitch. However, it ended up being alot harder than i thought. About 10-15 rows into this pattern i would find myself upset with the results and unravel everything i had done... to start all over. I did this about 5 times before i just said screw it and decided to finish no matter what. I started this maybe a week or less before Christmas and finished it on New years day. Not to bad for as many times as i restarted it.
Below is a picture, and you can see the pattern. I loved the scarf, it didnt turn out at all like the pattern but it was nice in its own right.

Then when i got down to Springfield Mo, i decided to start a hat for my niece. I didnt use a pattern, just kinda went with my gut, and surprisingly it went ok. My cousin did pull out one of her pattern books for the flowers but the hat itself i think looks fabulous!!!!!

Thoughts and comments are most appreciated.
Also some ideas for something other than the standard.. gloves, hat, scarf, doilies would be awesome.
A girlfriend of mine has been doing animated characters such as supermario and bender from futurama... i dont think im that good yet.


The Singlutionary said...

I crochet too but only really simple bulky things, not nice pretty dainty things like you. I've tried but I am too cheap on the yarn so I can only do blankets and stuff. Fortuntely, at my temp job they let me crochet when we're not busy.

Mikki said...

Yeah my friend that does the animals works an overnight job and does that when shes slow.

i finally figured out a new project i want to make, but i dont have a pattern so this might be interesting.