Thursday, January 21, 2010

Conclusion of Hobbies

So, while trying to think of what blog to write next i was scrolling through my past few blogs and it hit me..... All of my hobbies are solitary hobbies, things i do alone. My friend at work argued that he reads together with his family; i do not think passing around a book so that everyone reads it classifies as a social activity. What do i know.

I have a lot of interests. I used to play softball, tennis, i want to learn to ski...join a bowling league or a pool league just for shits and grins. Im sure there are many more thoughts of things i wish i did more often, or even knew how to do. But the problem with group activities is getting a group or a partner that you can depend on, that will follow through. Im sure a psychologist would tell me that i have trust issues, no big news there.
How do you meet people who want to try new things? My current friends are all coupled up, and never do anything outside of their norm; hell, just trying to get one of them to join me for 50 cent well drinks last night was a pain in my ass.

So im asking for suggestions on group hobbies i can pick up, and suggestions on how to meet people who are doing those hobbies so i have someone to do them with.

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hebba said...

Came to your blog thru singulatory. I, too, have difficulty dragging people out to do things when they are coupled up. I have tried, with limited success, volunteer groups (spend a weekend day collecting food for the homeless with other single people) as well as hiking groups. Maybe I just need to move to a city!