Monday, April 5, 2010

My birthday weekend.

I know its been a while since ive posted, theres just always something that is more important.
It happens.

Yesterday was Easter, and once every 7 or 9 years this also happens to be my birthday. I always think its awesome when my birthday falls on a National Holiday; though, it is much harder to find something fun to do.
As per my usual routine, i took an extended weekend away from work, giving me both Friday and Saturday as well as the holiday where we are closed.
Friday i got up early, took my bicycle out and ended up riding 3 miles. Now thats not alot really, but since im just now getting back into the exercise thing im stoked i was able to do that much. Then my friend Chris came over and we went to a few malls and shopped a bit. I was looking for an outfit to wear out Saturday night, but didnt find any. That evening went went to see How to Train Your Dragon in IMAX 3D, i must say it was pretty cool, but only bc it was in 3d. There were tons of kids there, but they were very well behaved so im ok with that. There was one scene where the boy disappeared from the page, the room is silent except for one little girl who asks "whered he go?" it was very cute.
Saturday was eventful again. I got my nails done, and despite my generous tip i was not thrilled with the service. The lady made me bleed (which this salon is usually fantastic) and then she didnt cover the nail completely with the polish, which makes me sad. Again me and my friend Chris went out shopping to another mall, i didnt find an outfit to wear that night but i found a dress to wear to vegas so that made me happy. I ended up dropping him off and going back to the first mall as there was a store i knew i didnt check on Friday. And of course i forgot that its prom shopping time, so it took me FOREVER just to try on my clothes.
I did finally find an outfit so that made me happy, plus found some comfy jeans.
So me and my friends headed out to dinner. Our cabby got to the apartment and that became our first adventure, long story short me and Amanda were in fear of a wreck happening on the way to dinner.
Dinner was a blast, we ate at a Japanese steak house. The show wasnt as flashy as i remember, but everyone does it differently. The food was good, and my friends and i socialized so that made me happy. I was sad that alot of people bailed on me, but whatever it happens i suppose.
After that we headed to Ernie Biggs chicago style dueling piano bar. We had a blast, spent too much money on alcohol and my friend ended up getting sick on the patio. But still ALOT of fun.

Sunday became Part 2 of the BDAY adventure. A couple of work friends decided we should take a road trip. So 5 of us piled into my SUV  at the but crack of dawn and drove 3 hours down to Branson to spend the day. We had a BLAST. Again spent too much money.... But we did the Ripleys Believe it or not, Hollywood Wax Museum, Old Time photo shoot and then go-carts. Stopped and had some ice cream and some fantastic dinner before getting back home just before midnight.

I felt very blessed this weekend, and im still feeling very blessed despite being woken up to a thunderstorm and hail on my window. I must get ready for work now, i hope everyone has a great day like i hope i will have.

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