Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Vacation time

Well not really, but i did take the vacation pay.

I had my last two remaining wisdom teeth removed on Monday. Surprisingly i expected much more pain, ive been able to get by with just aleve for the dull ache.

I opted for IV sedatives, knock me out baby! This apparently had very exciting side effects for me, and i say exciting with a sarcastic tone.

According to my lovely friend amanda, i have a extreme attachment to the Fbomb. I announced both mine and her personal issues to the waiting room and apparently offered to be her surrogate mother (not that im completely against the idea of she needed me). Its a good thing i dont have any deep dark secrets, otherwise im sure i would have spilled those beans.

All in all, i feel half empty in my mouth. I cant wait for some real food, ive been craving chipotle for a few days. Not that its considered real food but i am tired of soup and applesauce (which apparently a girl can live on just fine mind you, as im not starving)

Its wednesday, this 5 days of vacation went fast. I must actually do something with my life... but first a game on xbox.

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