Thursday, March 4, 2010

For the love of a Dog

When a person is lonely, they look for something to fill the gap. This often leads to a companion of sorts. Typically if there is a bf/gf, they spend more time with them. Some women tend to go into what i call "baby mode" and cant stop thinking about babies, think about having babies, or spending more time with friends/families babies. Typically i tend to do the later of the 3 in order to fend off the baby vibes i have as i know i am not ready to raise a baby, much less raise one on my own.
Some women do not care about being ready for having a baby or not, they just want something to love and something to love them.

Since im slightly smarter than that, i have decided i am going to get a dog instead. Something to love, something to love me, and i dont have to put it through college.

But living in an apartment makes the task of finding the right type of dog hard. It needs to be small enough for apartment life, but typically i am a big dog person. So, compromising will be hard, especially since i hate the whole teacup, miniature type dogs. I am so not a Paris Hilton wanna-be.

My hope is to figure out what type of dog will work best in an apartment, or at least get a few breed types, and then head down to a few of my local no kill shelters in the area and see who i can bring home.

I was bored one day and went into Petland. God i hate the whole puppy mill scenario but GOD these babies were adorable. I was also introduced to a breed that i fell in love with. Just look at him, hes adorable. Hes a BOGGLE, which is a cross between boston terrier and beagle. But being ok with $400-500 for the dog is NOT something i can do at this time. Doesnt mean i cant oo and ahh over him all day!!!!

The decision to get a dog is something i have been thinking about for a while. As this has to be something i want to do for a long period of time, especially since im in an apartment. #1 i have to put a $300 deposit down to have the dog, plus increases my rent by $15. And then if i change apartments, i have to start all over again. This could get difficult. Which is another reason i refuse to shell out alot of cash for a dog.

As always, any suggestions are appreciated.

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