Tuesday, April 19, 2011

What do you do

When the man of your dreams says the most romantic thing you have ever heard, yet he only sees you as a friend and only meant it as something he would say to his best friend.

Today, my best friend/man of my dreams sent me a text.
"Youre important to me like peanut butter is to jelly. Sure, you can have just one of the two on a sandwich but they are so much better when the other is present. We would do "ok" without each other, but even if we decided to just talk every once in a while, the distance between you and i would never get so far that we just stopped talking. It would stop at a certain point where we both wouldnt let it get that bad."

How does this man not have romantic feelings towards me.

I told him I appreciate the sentiment but that he should keep speeches like that for his gf. He didnt understand so i tried to explain it the best i could.
"while your mother told you to find a wife with hips, mine was telling me that i shouldnt pick someone because i feel that i need them in my life as i do not NEED anyone. but to pick someone because with them you are a better person than you already were, because they compliment you"
The peanut butter to my jelly.

God has a sense of humor. To give me someone whom i cant have.

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