Thursday, April 21, 2011

My week, in short

Being unemployed does not lead for an interesting life.
Quite boring if you ask me.
But the relaxation time before starting the new job is probably worth it.

Wednesday, Kohls had a 50% off sale on dresses, and while i did not need to spend any more money, i did need a dress for my college graduation next month.
I did manage to get a very nice Croft & Barrow black and white scroll dress, for only $22. I also grabbed a couple suit type jackets which I will need at the new corporate job.

Today, I drove 40 miles to another city to get a refund for my GAP insurance from my old vehicle. (Oh, i bought a new car. 2005 honda accord ex coupe) I thought i would get the check right then but apparently its a 6-8 wek mailer.
I also had dinner with my mom, sister and the 4 kids. That was an interesting adventure.

This weekend im going to go to Springfield to see some family and friends for a few days.

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