Saturday, February 6, 2010

Random Catchups

As its been almost a week since my last blog, i decided to again mash a couple subjects into one blog.

Its tax time, and like most people i have been mulling over how to spend my tax dollars.
After much research, and going back and forth over what i really wanted new in my life i have decided to get out of my old tv and into a new flat screen tv. I didnt want to spend a whole lot so i called some friends to see what kind of deals i could get through their channels. In the end i got a Sony Bravia 46" LCD from my friend Joe through his connection. Its slightly used, but still in perfect condition.
For some reason i am overly excited. My friend Chris went with me to pick it up and he hooked up my xbox and dvd player to the tv. He was nice enough to also tweek the settings. He then proceeded to make fun of me to some of his friends when they called. Apparently i said, more than once, YAYYYY i got a big screen tv!!!!!!!!!!!!
What can i say, im easily excitable.

This morning, i watched some of my dvr shows and realized that there really IS a difference between regular and HD channels. I have been missing out for SO long.

What can you do....

The rest of my money will be put into the credit union account i opened, other than expenses for the Las Vegas trip of course. I was told that having a reputation with a credit union is better than with a regular bank, while i cant say i believe it 100%, in theory it sounds logical so i am more than happy to go that route.

Tomorrow is Super Bowl, and some friends of mine are going Rock Climbing in the morning before the game. I dont know if i will participate, but i will at least come out and take some photos.

I will be working for 8 days straight after this weekend. Im slightly disappointed in that, but i guess i cant complain too much. The ASM at work took over making the schedule, so hopefully i will notice a difference and it will be for the better.

The job hunt is still on, though not as aggressively as i would like. I went to a testing last thursday as i mentioned. I can type 82 wpm. *applause applause* I sent a follow up email on Wed night, but have yet to hear anything back. It makes me nervous, as i really want this job, however i am trying to stay positive.
The job market is tough, there are so many people looking for a change, and so few jobs; employers can afford to be picky. I actually saw a secretarial position which required a 4 year degree. Personally i think thats ridiculous.

Any job hunting advice?

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