Friday, August 30, 2013

The big R, Rejection.

Rejection is hard, no matter the form.
Jobs, friends, purchases, companions.

Its hard on anyone, no matter your self confidence level.I may be biased, but i feel its harder when you have a high level of self confidence to find out you have been rejected. 

Its hard to understand how someone can reject you, as you think you are pretty damn fantastic.Some people let rejection roll off their back without a second thought.With others, it is not so easy.

For me, i'm the type of person who questions everything. I thirst for knowledge. I constantly ask "why?"

While i understand rejection is part of life, but as a logical thinker i want to know why something did not work.I do not want to just shake it off and carry on, because if i am continuing to do the same thing despite it failing multiple times.... then i'm just insane.
How can one improve for the future, if they do not know why something failed to work the first time?

This thought process follows me around in every aspect of my life, both personally and professionally.
Even engineers take something apart when it fails, to find out why.

Constructive criticism seems to be a lost art. This is mostly because people are too afraid of confrontation. 
Why? The person is already mad that they were rejected, why not give them feedback.

Yet, we only offer an anecdote/cliche in hopes of calming the wound.

The world is full of stupid cliche sayings that are supposed to make one feel better in an array of scenarios. We all know they are bullshit, yet we continue to pass them along. To put a band-aid on the burn.

Stop putting the band-aid on, just pull it off already!

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