Monday, June 3, 2013

My house, My home--my reason to panic

On May 7th i closed on my house, now the journey to make this my home has begun.
It has been almost a month, and im closer than i truly realized.

It took me only two half days to move in, the joys of being a single person who already had her stuff in storage awaiting the purchase of a house.
It was me, a truck and one male friend to move things for about 3 hours on Thursday and Friday. We mostly dumped it all in the garage for me to deal with later.
I took the next Thursday and Friday off to unpack, and managed to do so successfully.

This past Saturday, i have the pleasure of hosting my very first party and it was my house warming party.
It was a blast, despite my crazy self running around trying to make everything perfect.

Now the task of doing a million things around the house.

How does one organize the unknown?
I'm perfectly aware that my need to organize everything is just my way of controlling the world around me so that i do not feel like a top about to spin off track; unfortunately, i can not organize that which i do not know.

The best suggestion i have so far is to pick a room and focus on that one alone.
This is fantastic, and gave me a place to start.
First up, the bedroom; i figure since that is my sanctuary i might as well start there.
Ill do a post on it later.

In my attempt to organize everything, im feeling very overwhelmed and scatter brained.
I decided to start carrying around a notebook so i can write down ideas i might have along the way.
At least this will help me keep it all together.

I dont even know where to start with home improvements.
Doing this alone is hard, i dont have anyones advice or helping hands.
Nor do i have the second income coming in.
Oh lord, what did i get myself into.

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